Evergreen Cemetery

The first community cemetery in Victoria, located at present day Memorial Square, was unpopular with local citizens. They preferred home burial despite an 1846 city ordinance prohobiting the practice. In 1849 John McCrabb bought 27 acres of a tract granted to the city by the Republic of Texas. During the 1850s, part of McCrabb's land became the new public cemetery. Following the Civil War (1861-65), many graves were moved here from the original city cemetery. The name "Evergreen Cemetery" was chosen in 1883 because of abundant trees in the area. Over the years, further land acquistion has enlarged the site to 30 acres. Among the 9,000 graves here are those of Martin De Leon (1765-1833), early empresario and founder of Victoria, and veterans of the Texas Revolution, Mexican-American War, and Civil War.
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