Streets of Guadalupe Victoria

Victoria is proud of our incredible Hispanic heritage, and to show that we have installed new street signage in Downtown Victoria highlighting the original street names in the Guadalupe Victoria colony townsite! Take a walk through downtown Victoria and see the streets named after the original Ten Friends of Victoria! All were influential Mexican figures of the time, who our founder Martin de Leon honored with street names. Just another piece of the fascinating history that makes Victoria so unique!

Main Street – Calle de los Diez Amigos
Bridge Street – Bustamante (Anastacio Bustamante)
Liberty Street – Guerrero (Vicente Ramon Guerrero)
Glass Street – Victoria (Manuel Felix Fernandez - aka Guadalupe Victoria)
William Street – Santa Anna (Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna Perez de Lebron)
Goodwin Ave – Libertad
Forrest Street – Artiaga (Captain Artiaga)
Constitution Street – Chovel (Rafael Chovel)
Santa Rosa Street – Ahumada (Mateo Ahumada)
Juan Linn Street – Teran (Jose Manuel Rafael Simeon de Mier y Teran)
Church Street – Empresario
Convent Street – De Leon (Martin de Leon)
Murray Street – Manchola (Rafael Antonio Manchola)

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