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McMillan's Bar-B-Q

When Louis McMillan was nine years old, he learned to love cooking from an old gentleman he knew. He was about eighty and would dig a hole in the ground, put wood in it, and put a screen over it and cook lamb, a lot of chicken and some sausage. The passion for cooking would stick with Louis through college and service in Vietnam.

Louis started his culinary career as the food service director at a hospital and later opened a catering business in 1973. By the 1980s the Coleto Creek Power Station was constructed and Louis opened a barbecue restaurant to realize his vision of feeding the 500+ workers every day of the week. His restaurant has been so successful over the past twenty-seven years that he’s served three United States presidents, Troy Aikman and put two daughters through college.

One of the best parts of the McMillan’s experience is Louis himself. He’s a regular fixture at the restaurant – he cooks and he clearly loves interacting with the guests. His enthusiasm for barbecue is obvious, and only matched by his passion for the people walking in his door.

His cooking style is “low and slow”; light low heat that breaks the tissue down and renders all the fat. His favorite woods to cook with are fruitwoods like cherry, peach or plum because of the unique flavor; most often, though he cooks with a combination of mesquite, pecan and oak. While the brisket is the most popular with an out of this world flavor Louis also recommends his rib eye steaks with good reason: they’re simply amazing. When it comes to sides, the beans are the right choice; they’re a great representative of Texas cooking.

McMillan's Bar-B-Q is part of the Coastal Texas Barbecue Trail, and is open seven days a week, 10AM-3PM.

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