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Mumphord's Place Bar-B-Q

Ricky Mumphord spent a lot of time barbecuing at family reunions. It’s been a family tradition going back as far as he can remember; family gatherings always involved great barbecue. His father, Thomas “Uncle Sonny” Mumphord and his Uncle Manny were excellent cooks but they especially knew how to make meat.

In February of 2000 Ricky opened his barbecue to the public. From the outside the building looks like it’s going to contain a genuine food experience; once inside the amazing decorations and the intimate atmosphere complete with picnic table dining make this a BBQ destination to remember. Ricky’s style of cooking is all about the direct heat – his father and Uncle Manny taught him that’s what true barbecue is. His cooker uses a combination of mesquite and oak; the burning wood with the cooking meat fills the area around the restaurant with a mouthwatering aroma.

Mumphord’s Place has a large menu featuring barbecue staples that have been rated online as some of the best in the entire country. Ricky is modest about it, though. He suggests the turkey breast as his must-get food and it’s no surprise as it’s an amazingly cooked piece of meat.

Mumphord’s is known not just for the strength of the meat, but also their sides. The potato salad is creamy but it’s the green beans – completely dressed with garlic, bacon and onions – that make the meal.

Mumphord's Place Bar-B-Q is part of the Coastal Texas Barbecue Trail, and is open Tuesday-Saturday, 11AM-6PM.

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