RnC BBQ was established in 2012 by owner Dennis Partida and was open only on weekends. In 2017 he went full time and hasn't looked back!

Customer favorites include brisket sandwiches, brisket nachos, and the banana pudding sells out most days. Dennis' favorite part of making barbecue for his customers is "all of it!" From prepping to cooking to serving. And the best part of it is the happy customers that keep returning and the new ones that enjoy the free samples and hospitality. What makes his barbecue special are the portion sizes. His low overhead lets me give good portions and value for my customers.

His brother in law Rodney Garcia helped him start the business, but he tragically passed away in 2015. His sister Cindy Partida passed away in an automobile accident in 2014, and the business "RnC BBQ" is named in their honor.

Dennis' cooking process is long, slow and low and he uses oak wood. This desire to serve a great product and love for the customer definitely comes through in every bite at RnC BBQ!

RnC BBQ is part of the Coastal Texas Barbecue Trail, and is open Monday-Saturday, 11AM-7PM.

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