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Victoria College Lyceum Series: SEAN ASTIN

Date: Mar 28, 2023
Time: 11:00 AM

Sean is known for major roles in movies like “Rudy,” the “Lord of the Rings,” and “The Goonies.” In addition to sharing his experiences in filmmaking, he will discuss mental health from a unique perspective. His mother, Academy and multi Emmy Award-winning Patty Duke, suffered through most of Sean’s childhood with an undiagnosed bipolar mood condition. Once diagnosed, she became a nationally renowned mental health advocate writing books, producing a film, and giving lectures across the country in an effort to help destigmatize mental illness.

Sean has continued to build on his mother’s legacy of advocacy. By sharing intimate stories and details of growing up in a family where a mental health issue informs everyday life, Sean guides an audience through practical thinking about the issues from a lay perspective. Having built a relationship with film audiences for 40 years, he relies on that goodwill to allow him to delve into these topics in a serious and supportive manner. His discussions are about representation, advocacy, and empowerment in a relatable manner with an emphasis on his disarming and common sense perspective.

For more information on the Lyceum Lecture Series call (361) 573-3291 or visit

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